Organization NameDate of closing or delayInformation
Warren County Nutrition Center and Home Delivered Meals1/16/2024Warren County Nutrition Center and Home Delivered Meal Program will be closed on 1/16/24. Use Blizzard Boxes
Warren Hills Regional School District1/16/20242 hour delayed opening
Pleasant Valley School District1/16/2024Remote Instruction Day
Growing Concern1/16/2024Closed
Pocono Mountain School District1/16/2024FID/Virtual Learning Day
Growing Concern1/16/2024Closed
Notre Dame Jr./Sr. High School - ES1/16/2024Closed
Stroudsburg Area School District1/16/2024Virtual Instruction
The Mountain Center1/16/2024closed
Pocono Services for Families and Children1/16/2024closed
Monroe County Senior Centers1/16/2024Loder and Mountain Senior Centers closed
Pocono Family YMCA1/16/2024Delay opening at 8:00 am.
GPCC06451/16/2024Opening at 8:30 Check back for updates
Warren Hills Regional School District1/16/2024Closed
Monroe County Meals on Wheels1/16/2024Closed - No Meals Delivered
ESSA Bank & Trust1/16/2024All Offices opening at 10am


If you have any questions for the upcoming season, please email Kyleen at