It’s Back to School time!!
Bigfoot wants to give all our friends at Monroe County Head Start a jump on the new school year.
We’ll be broadcasting ‘live’ as we Stuff the Bus on Saturday, August 12th in front of Staples on Route 611 in Stroudsburg from 9a-3p, in an effort to make this a record-breaking year for collecting school supplies!
We’re looking for all kinds of items including markers, pencils, crayons, safety scissors, construction paper, book bags, even monetary donations…everything to help a Kindergarten student get a head start on their school year.
You can also bring your school supply donations to one of our drop off locations.
Can’t make it out?  You can donate online.

Plus the “Jurassic Raptor 570” will be there!

Stuff the Bus Wishlist

Craft sticks

pom poms

pipe cleaners


pre-cut letters

craft stickers

paint brushes

Washable Markers

Tempera Paint- washable

Jumbo my first crayons

Jumbo pencils

Pocket folders

Construction paper

Glue sticks, Elmer’s glue, Mod Podge

Composition marble notebooks

Kid safe scissors

Pencil case/ box

Jumbo pencil sharpener

Index cards

Sharpie markers

Back pack

About Monroe County Head Start

The PSFC objective is to provide resources for the evolving needs of our community’s children and families. Our plan is twofold: to meet their needs today and help them reach their goals tomorrow.

The success of our mission’s work goes along with our vision of being recognized as Monroe County’s foremost educator and provider of child-focused services.

We believe our mission and vision can be achieved by working with our core values of compassion, impact and excellence in mind — as they are at the heart of all we do.

We’ve Been Moving On Up, Due To Increased Enrollments.

From the campus of East Stroudsburg University to St. John’s Church in Stroudsburg with an enrollment of 30 children.

From the basement of East Stroudsburg United Methodist Church increasing the enrollment to 75 children.

To Gilbert in 1992, increasing enrollment to over 100. To successfully raising more than $750,000 and purchase the Flick Building in East Stroudsburg for housing five classrooms to serve more than 100 children.

To Pre-K Counts classrooms opening in the J M Hill Elementary School in 2008, Head Start classes at Resica and Middle Smithfield Elementary Schools in 2010. And a Head Start class at Clear Run Elementary in 2013.

We Never Lose Sight Of Our Goals.
PSFC now serves more than 300 children year-round in classrooms around Monroe County. Statistically, that translates to only 13% of the children in our community who need us most; so our work continues — with the end target being expansion to better serve more at-risk children and their families.

A Fuller Realization Of Our Mission — Within Reach, Today.
The 2016-2017 opening of The Mountain Center fulfilled a promise to bring great change to our community. This educational and community services center, housed in a 100,000 square foot building, is located in the most underserved area of the county.

Preschool classes, infant/toddler care and a school-age program for children from kindergarten through the sixth grade, all strive to make great inroads in childhood education. And with several nonprofit agencies that offer health and human services for parents, teenagers and seniors, the bonds of family and community can only become stronger.

Through the work of PSFC, we have proven that poverty, hunger, and despair can be replaced with hope, empowerment and productivity in our most vulnerable and needy citizens.

PSFC is a United Way partner agency and a member of the Interagency Council. We are continually accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and are the only childcare provider in Monroe County that has earned STAR 4 status at multiple sites.

Our Organization.

PSFC is a place where people in need find a warm welcome. A helping hand. Passion, compassion, empathy, and knowledge to help solve their problems.

Our PSFC staff takes pride in being dedicated to our cause. Our staff believes their work is a “calling.” To that end, families we meet often keep in touch years after our work has been completed, as we truly become “like family.”

Our low staff turnover speaks volumes for their belief in PSFC and in our community.

Our employees are all vested and meet or exceed educational requirements (i.e. BA degree, Pre-K certification).

Once on board, they commit to professional development by enrolling in training programs. They also receive valuable support along with reflection on their work from co-workers.

We are one place that solves a range of problems and difficulties. Through comprehensive support and combined services throughout the county, we strive to meet the challenges that families in crisis face. These include loss of housing, legal problems, access to childcare, transportation, health and education issues. By striving to meet needs from “cradle to adults” as well as women’s resources, help for senior citizens, and more, we work to serve our families in every way they can.

PSFC has a proven track record for over 50 years. We promise Monroe County that over the next 50 years, we will continue to support families in their quest for a better quality of life.

Drop Off Locations

1471 N 9th St, Stroudsburg, PA 18360

3226 North Fifth Street, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

239 Blue Ridge Rd, Saylorsburg, PA 18353

3191 PA-115, Effort, PA 18330